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    Interior trimming

    At this position, your vehicle is required to be dismantled to gain access behind the interior trim, this is where a TSD agent must inspect the condition and structure, seats and seat belts of your vehicle. This is also where all information about your vehicle is gathered, all documentation required is filed , vehicle standards are captured and your car gets a VIN Plate assigned (Vehicle Identification Number). Interior is refitted.

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    inspection hoists

    Your vehicle now is moved to our inspection hoists where the underbody and mechanical components are inspected. We strip all underbody panels and brake pads so the TSD agent can continue the inspection of the brakes, suspension, tyres, engine components and vehicle structure. All mechanical parts are measured and inspected to make sure they meet all OEM minimum requirements set out by NZTA and the vehicle structure is sound. Once your vehicle has been completed put back together the TSD agent finalises the inspection by checking your vehicles emissions, lighting and making sure the braking systems are operable.

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    Warrant of Fitness sticker (WOF)

    If your vehicle passes all requirements then the TSD will issue a Warrant of Fitness sticker (WOF) and print the MR2A form for registration. If there are repairs required before this step, we will quote you on the repairs and it’s your choice to use us or your own repairer, but all repairs must be repaired to all NZTA requirements, then the WOF sticker and MR2A can be printed.

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